The Volt Safe by Mather+Stuart

The Volt Safe is a generator, electrical distribution board, and high capacity fuel tank in a 3m x 2.4m container that offers enhanced site security solutions, helping battle the incidents of theft and vandalism on site.

  • Mather+Stuart Volt Safe
  • Mather+Stuart Volt Safe
  • Mather+Stuart Volt Safe
  • Mather+Stuart Volt Safe
  • Mather+Stuart Volt Safe

This Volt Safe unit is ideal on noise sensitive site assisting the issue of site noise complaints.

The Volt Safe Offers:

  • High level security
  • Low sound emissions
  • Triple Bunded Protection against spillages of engine oil, anti-freeze and diesel
  • Pre wired distribution
  • Large Cable entry point

Available options:

  • Remote re-fuel system
  • Remote stop and start
  • Low fuel or engine warning
  • Ultra-quiet version available
  • Full telematics
  • Deep-sea control panel &Motorized breakers.


  • Protection from thieves
  • Prevents fuel contamination
  • Currently one of the quietist machines in Europe (68dB(A) at 1 metre)
  • Whilst running, the unit can be locked for a safe and secure power source
  • Protection against the environment:
    •  Reduced risk of vandalism
    •  Reduced risk of pollution
    •  Reduced risk of fuel leakages or spillages upon replenishment or servicing
    •  No requirement for oil interception trays
    •  Suited to unsecured or unmanned developments'
  • Monitors engine performance, utilization, geofencing, power factor, phase balance, peak/low load, c02, fuel consumption
  • Synchronization 40-100kva Load share, load demand, synchronize, duty standby