Cabling & Electrical Distributors by Mather+Stuart

At Mather+Stuart Power Solutions, our Electrical Engineers can design and implement bespoke power distribution solutions for almost any application.

  • Cabling and Distribution
  • Cabling and Distribution
  • Cabling and Distribution
  • Cabling and Distribution

Our range of equipment includes flexible load cables for temporary installation, automatic mains failure panels and distribution equipment. Our mains distribution boards can be equipped with different socket configurations, or for hardwiring, we can retro fit a variety of MCCBs and RCBOs to suit any bespoke requirements.

Where a backup generator is supplied to provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails, we can install fully automatic switches to minimise disruption to your daily operations. As well as transferring the loads to the backup generator a telemetry device can also inform you of any failures to any mobile/remote device.

Our range of equipment includes:

  • Flexible load cables for temporary installation
  • Automatic Mains Failure Panels
  • Plugs and sockets for easy connection
  • Cable drums for delivery
  • Cable ramps
  • Distribution boards for hardwiring
  • Distribution boards with different socket combinations