Site Set Up and Management

We know how difficult it can be to gauge the most efficient power solution for your site and this is where our expert team can really help.

Temporary power on site

A member of our team will arrange a meeting at your site to assess your requirements. We will provide specialist advice regarding how to power your site, the equipment required and the level of power necessary. We will also offer a full fuel management plan to ensure your site never runs out of fuel.

Site Survey

During the survey, the team will assess:

  • The size of generator required to meet the power output. This will include what combination and configuration will provide the best value for money including synchronised generator sets.
  • The connection details required to ensure that on the day of installation everything is available and runs smoothly.
  • The potential for a hybrid solution which could reduce fuel consumption and provide value for money.
  • Suitable distribution and protection.
  • Optimum cable routes to ensure safety.
  • Any critical timescales which need to be met to ensure the smooth running of customers operations.
  • Options for any back- up power which may be required to ensure any critical business systems are maintained as necessary.
  • Options for delivery and site access, and the optimum positioning of the generator to help with convenient refuelling.
  • Potential security issues.

A detailed installation risk assessment and method statement will then be developed which will control any site hazards and risks associated with the electrical works. Our team will also get an understanding of how you intend to manage fuel throughout your project to see if our fuel management services would be helpful.   

We can also help to identify if any additional equipment is required, which may be accessed from across the A-Plant Group of companies.


In addition, we will take care of the delivery, installation and deactivation of your power. If required, we will also provide a dedicated Project Manager who will give you professional advice every step of the way.