Volt Safe

With increasing incidents of theft and vandalsim, the Volt Safe offers a high level of security, plus low sound emissions, long run bunded fuel system and minimum operator maintenace.

The basic unit comrises of a 3m x 2.4m steel container, accessed only through a side entry personnel door, which is fitted with 2 No security locks. Fitted integrally is the generator which is "Spillage Free" plus a high capacity bunded fuel tank and electrical distribution board.

Under normal circumstances, the unit will provide power for approx 500 hours before requiring replenishment of the fuel tank. Once running, the container doors can be lock, providing a safe, secure and quiet power source.

The Volt Safe offers a total piece of mind when operating in remote, dangerous, sensitive or other hostile environments where theft, vandalism and noise pollution is of great concern.

With Units as quiet as 58dba @ 1 metre which is currently on the quietest machines in Europe (The current European Community 2000-14-EC stage 2 directives are 81 dba ~ 1 metre as from 03/01/2006) and a hire fleet approaching 250 No Volt Safe, Mather+Stuart are confident that we can provide a UNit to suit most applications.

The Volt Safe offers:

  • High level security
  • Low sound emissions
  • Protection against spillages of engine oil, anti-freeze and diesel

Advantages with the Volt Safe unit over stand alone generators

  • Protection from thieves
  • Prevents fuel contamination
  • Currently one of the quiestist machines in Europe (58dba at 1 metre)
  • Whilst running, the unit can be locked for a safe and secure power source
  • Protection against the environment
  • No damage from vandals
  • No noise pollution

Protection for the Environment

The Volt Safe is supremely suited of ALL unsecured or unmanned developments, especially those that are at risk to theft and vandalism.

It is an ideal product for sites of an environmental nature, where the risk of noise pollution, fuel and oil spillages could prove catastophic.

The generator, the fuel tank and the container are all "bunded" offering a unique triple protection against spillages of engine oil, anti freeze and diesel. With it's unsurpassed noise suppression of a complex and sesitive nature.

  • No requirement for Oil Interception trays
  • No spillage whist servicing
  • No fuel leakages or spillages upon replenishment
  • No noise pollution
  • No damage from vandals

Options Available

  • Remote re-fuel system
  • Floor mounted circuit breaker
  • Remote stop and start
  • Intruder alert
  • Low fuel or engine oil warning
  • Bulk lube oil tank with automatic top-up system
  • Ultra quiet version available
  • Internally mounted changeover switch Side wall power cable access
  • 22 C fixed blade louvers - removeable
  • CSC plate Flexible air outlet transition duct

Typical Applications Include

  • Civil Engineering Contracts
  • Mechanical Engineering Contracts
  • Motorways Water / Electricity Utilities Projects S
  • Shows / Exhibitions
  • Any situation where the highest standard of environmental control is critical.
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