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How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Generator Hire

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In 2019, responsible businesses are aware of their fuel consumption and are taking more effective action in order to reduce their carbon footprint. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to research new ways to reduce fuel usage wherever possible, from both a financial and environmental perspective, and Mather+Stuart are also on a journey to help support customers with these goals.

Where there is no mains electricity supply, most activities rely on a generator and it can sometimes seem that there is no way around the fuel consumption and the CO2 generated as a by-product. But there are things you can do to reduce the fuel required and to make your generators run as efficiently as possible.

This blog will explore our top 5 tips to help you choose the right generator hire for your project to ensure you can reduce your carbon footprint (and your fuel bill!). 

JCB Generator Hire by Mather+Stuart

1. Don’t overload or underload

An understanding of the wattage you will need to power your project will help to ensure you select the right sized generator. Hiring a generator that is too large for your project will increase costs, similarly, hiring a generator that is too small will impact on productivity.

If you have a generator rated for 10 KVA but your loads are always pushing the limits, you will not only be consuming more fuel than necessary, but maintenance issues may also arise. Operating a diesel engine at less than 50% load is also not advised. Operating at low load doesn’t allow the engine to reach the maximum operating temperature, causing potential running issues and inefficient fuel consumption.

So, to get the balance right you can use the following calculations to give you an estimation of size.

  • Add up the wattage of all site equipment
  • Convert wattage to kilowatts
  • Divide by 0.8 which will give you the generator size in kVA

Simple right? Alternatively, you can call our team and we can do the maths for you. Remember, you don’t want to run your generator at 100% capacity for long, so leave some margin for change and aim for around 70% capacity.

Hybrid power generator hire

2. Go Hybrid!  

An effective way to reduce fuel consumption is by hiring a hybrid generator. A hybrid generator runs alongside the main generator, detecting when the power load is low to seamlessly switch from the diesel generator to the internal stored energy. The two systems work together to ensure that when a higher demand is detected, the load transfers back to the main generator, allowing the battery bank to then recharge.  This can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of the generator, lowering CO2 emissions by up to 60%!

The hybrid generator can work alongside any size of diesel generator but is most effective when there is a low load requirement for certain periods of the day or night. Alongside a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 levels, a hybrid system also generates lower levels of noise when using the internal stored energy for power (useful in sensitive locations!) and it can be used to provide back-up emergency power if there are critical business systems which need to be maintained.

3. Go Solar!

Solar photovoltaic panels can be used to supplement our hybrid systems, helping to recharge the battery more effectively.  Our team are constantly working with manufacturers to develop new technologies, and in 2019 Mather+Stuart will make a significant investment in solar generators (watch this space!) meaning we can offer even more sustainable alternatives.

Fuel Station Static Bowser Hire

4. Manage fuel with an onsite Fuel Station

The Fuel Station stores fuel at your site to ensure you have what you need whenever you need it.  The unit houses everything you need to dispense fuel, including the pumps, reels, hoses and connections, and can also be used to store oil cans and other fuelling equipment. The fuel bowsers come in different sizes to hold different capacities and are either towable or static depending on site requirements. Mather+Stuart will automatically come to site to refuel the tank when an agreed fuel level alert is triggered

So, why does this help you reduce your fuel consumption and carbon footprint?  

  • The Fuel Station consolidates and reduces the amount of fuel deliveries you need at your site.  
  • It provides you with greater control over your fuel, meaning you can control consumption better and implement and manage initiatives to reduce fuel usage.
  • All data is recorded live and can be monitored by customers via the Axis/Extranet system.
  • Automated and bespoke fuel usage reports are sent direct to a site contact to ensure clear visibility.
  • The fuel pump dispenser is operated via a fob or pin-code system which means only authorised users can access the fuel to provide tight control.
  • The cabinet spill sup contains any spills or drips and the tank is 110% bunded to comply with PPG2 Regulations.
Mather+Stuart Electricians repairing equipment

5. High quality equipment will increase fuel efficiency

An important way to ensure your generator is running efficiently and not wasting fuel is to hire equipment that is properly maintained and frequently serviced. This will ensure that any running issues are picked up and rectified before they cause a problem. Mather+Stuart implement a rigorous asset management system which ensures all equipment is well maintained. Through regular fleet investment we can offer our customers young generators from the leading manufacturers, with the most fuel-efficient engines on the market.

Talk to our Team!

Talk to our team about all thigs fuel related and let us help you to develop the most efficient generator set up for your project.

Call into one of our 10 Mather+Stuart service centres located throughout the UK or call our dedicated Customer Service Team on 0345 266 1449.


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