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Is a Hybrid Generator Right for your Project?

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Hybrid generator hire is becoming increasingly popular with customers who are looking for a sustainable option in power generation. But, as with many new and emerging technologies, it can be difficult for customers to assess which is the best option for their project and what the tangible benefits will be. 

Mather+Stuart Hybrid Generator, A-Plant plant equipment

Read on to discover:

What is a hybrid generator?

A hybrid generator runs alongside the main generator, detecting when the power load is low to seamlessly switch from the diesel generator to the internal stored energy. The two systems work together to ensure that when a higher demand is detected, the load transfers back to the main generator, allowing the battery bank to then recharge. Solar photovoltaic panels can also be used to supplement the hybrid system, helping to recharge the battery more effectively. A hybrid unit can provide an excellent, sustainable alternative to having a diesel generator running for 24-hours a day.

How to decide if a hybrid generator is right for your project

The hybrid generator can work alongside any size of diesel generator but will only be an effective and worthwhile option if there are periods of time when the load requirement is lower. The hybrid generator can power various skeleton systems outside of working hours, making it an ideal option to provide overnight power to site cabins and welfare units, site perimeter lighting and security or CCTV systems. The hybrid generator can also power smaller appliances with lower load requirements, such as pumps and crane lighting or telecom systems. The following criteria can help you decide if a hybrid generator is right for you:

  • Low load requirement for certain periods of the day or night
  • 24-hour power is needed to maintain critical business systems
  • There is a requirement to control noise during certain times of the day or night
  • Your project has sustainability objectives and you wish to control CO2 and reduce fuel consumption

The most popular hybrid generator is the Firefly Cygnus 3, a versatile unit which, with the press of a button, can switch between 3 phase support to single phase mode. With the correct set up, the Cygnus 3 hybrid units can work alongside any of the generators supplied by Mather+Stuart and our engineers will carefully assess which is the most suitable hybrid option for your specific circumstances.

The benefits of using a hybrid generator compared to a traditional diesel generator

The hybrid generator has the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption and can lower CO2 emissions by at least 60% compared to a traditional diesel generator. This can provide extensive cost savings whilst also allowing you to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable working. You will be able to access a range of reports, easily accessible on an online dashboard, which summarise the environmental results. These reports can be tailored to suit your requirements and include:

  • Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved
  • Litres of diesel fuel saved
  • Number of silent hours
  • Hybrid power vs diesel generator usage

The hybrid generator can provide silent power for periods of time, making it an ideal option in sensitive locations such as schools and hospitals when quiet periods are needed, or on projects next to residential developments where noise pollution must be controlled.

Another important benefit of a hybrid generator is the additional reassurance it provides if you have critical business functions that need to be maintained 24/7. The hybrid generator can be utilised during the temporary servicing of the main generator or in the event of a breakdown to ensure any ‘downtime’ is avoided.

How to hire a hybrid generator from Mather+Stuart and what you need to know

If you think that a hybrid generator may be right for your project, it is important to call our experienced team early in the planning process. We provide the expert technical support necessary to navigate through the various available options and find the most cost effective and sustainable solution for your project.

To hire a hybrid generator, you can visit our service centres and leave a deposit relative to the equipment value, or alternatively you can set up a credit account. This is a simple process that can be completed over the phone or in a service centre location. You will need to provide references and confirmation of insurances and then your credit account can be approved and activated within 24 to 48 hours! Once your account is set up, you can hire from any of the 10 Mather+Stuart service centres located throughout the UK and access the thousands of other products available to hire from across the specialist A-Plant divisions.  

FireFly Cygnus Hybrid Generator

How Mather+Stuart will support you throughout the hire period to get the best from your hybrid generator

Mather+Stuart has recently completed a £1.3m generator upgrade programme, meaning the hybrid systems we supply are reliable and contain the latest in battery technology. This is essential to ensure optimum output and to get the best results from your system. 

Our experienced electricians will install and commission the hybrid generator at your location, providing certification of installation and a full handover. Once set up, the system is fully autonomous and can be monitored remotely to ensure optimum performance. We are on hand to offer technical support and guidance throughout the hire and will provide an emergency contact number for out of hours support. Our team of engineers work across the country to provide a fast response in the unlikely event of a breakdown, to quickly get you back up and running.

What is the future for hybrid and what to expect in 2019?

As with all new technology, continuous progress is important, and our team are constantly working with manufacturers to help improve and develop the design of our hybrid generators to ensure they are suitable for even more applications. We are working closely with Firefly to develop the Cygnus 4, a fully integrated hybrid / diesel unit with a Lithium Ion battery, which will allow a higher load to power larger projects. 2019 will see the launch of this new product and a significant investment in solar generators, meaning Mather+Stuart can offer even more sustainable products. Watch this space or get in touch with our team to find out more about what the future holds for hybrid and solar power!


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