Ancillary Equipment

We are not just a generator rental firm

In addition to our extensive generator rental fleet, we also rent power related products.

Bunded Fuel Tanks

All our fuel tanks are completely Bunded.

  • Supplied with Fuel Safety Hoses
  • Spillage Free
  • 950 Litres to 20,000 Litres


We can supply any number of lo KVA Transformers providing 110v power to your site operatives for lighting and power tools.


We keep in stock over 1000 metres of double-insulated steel-wire armoured cable each site.

Cable Ramps

Protection to cables enabling site traffic to run over cables without costly damages.

Distribution Boards

We stock many distribution boards.

Automatic Mains Failure Panels

These will enable a standby generator to automatically start when required. i.e. when there is loss in mains power.

Over the last 30 years of trading, we have amassed a significant quantity of ancillary electrical equipment.

This includes a large range of mains distribution boards, automatic transfer panels and transformers, as well as large stocks of temporary power cables and loadbanks, etc.

Both permanent and temporary electrical services can be provided by highly skilled and qualified electrical engineers covering numerous applications.

These include work in the utilities sector, education and health applications as well as industrial and construction sectors.

All equipment is fully mantained, tested and certified to current electrical regualtions.